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We are passionate about feeding people
— Ryan Jones, Owner

Ryan and Kathia Jones met in 2005 making crepes at the Magic Pan restaurant. It closed in 2010. One of their last customers commented to Kathia, "If you ever open a restaurant---it's gotta b crepes.” And that's where the real story begins. Ryan and Kathia started by making crepes for neighbors and friends that summer from their front porch on a pancake griddle. A business idea developed and started from a desire to make others happy by providing great homemade food. Kathia is blessed with a natural cooking talent, inspired and cultivated by her grandma, Eva, and her mom, Marina. She has honed her culinary skills over the years using a patient and peaceful process that consists of love and is heightened with an intuitive ability for taking simple flavors that create delicious dishes. Ryan's goal is for everyone he feeds to enjoy the whole crepe experience, customizing each crepe and making it just the way it's “gotta b". Their journey started in 2010 on their front porch, continued for the last eight years at local farmer's markets, and now to the opening of their first restaurant in Evanston. Thank you to all family and friends who have joined us on this journey. With infinite possibilities, it's Gotta B Crepes for your next meal. We look forward to feeding you soon :)

Kathia Jones, Owner

inspired by your hunger
— Ryan Jones, Owner

we believe happiness is healthy
— Kathia Jones, Owner